Beat the Blue (BTB) is run by car enthusiasts with the intention of making the road a safer place by directing our passion to the places we can safely preform them. While we all enjoy using our cars in different ways, be it hard parking or hitting the track. We all have a part to play to make our roads safer, Beat the Blue was put together to allow people to enjoy their cars in a safe and controlled environment.

BTB is completely not for profit.

Every dollar you spend at the event by participating or on merchandise all goes directly to New South Wales Police Legacy. This is only possible thanks to our naming sponsors Driving Solutions and Royal Purple Synthetic Oils who have covered the costs of the event to allow us to pass on 100% of what you pay.

This is not a New South Wales Police Force event.

The event is run by members of the community with the support of the New South Wales Police Force. In 2017 we started Cheesesteak and Cars supporting New South Wales Police Legacy. Cheesesteak and Cars went on for 2 years and 9 events raising just under $10000 for NSWPL. The event showcased some of the best cars and bikes in Sydney from multiple genres of vehicle styles, but always with the involvement of the local Highway Patrol. The aim was to give local car enthusiasts somewhere safe to meet and share their passion. While also giving them the unique ability to ask the questions the internet so often gets wrong.

Over these 9 events and 2 years attendance grew well beyond the size of the venue. With crowd behaviour never an issue and not a defect station in sight. The mutual respect that was earned between genuine car enthusiasts and the Highway Patrol officers gave us the ability to approach the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command executive with our idea for Beat The Blue. Without the effort put in by the attendees and the local officers this event would not have ever been possible.

BTB is open to everyone no matter what your taste or passion. Spectating will always be free and we aim to maintain the low cost of participation.

The work New South Wales Police Legacy does

NSW Police Legacy is a strong and compassionate 'profit for purpose' organisation providing services to police legatees and members of the wider police family across the State. Today, Police Legacy enhances the lives of approximately 1,000 police legatees by providing professional and compassionate support to the families who have suffered a loss through the provision of meaningful benefits, services and advocacy. 

We envision a caring, inclusive and supportive police family where no partner or child of a deceased or former serving officer will ever feel forgotten or in need. The NSW Police Force is Australia's largest police organisation and one of the biggest in the English speaking world. It is a large and diverse workforce with close to 16,500 dedicated serving police officers and approximately 3,000 unsworn officers who protect our community around the clock. The police family extends far and wide, and encompasses not only our serving and retired police, but also their families. 

NSW Police Legacy was established as an Association in 1987 to care for the police family. We became incorporated in 1991 and for more than 30 years we have been providing both financial assistance and compassionate support to our police families. 

They take pride in being an inclusive organisation. Regardless of whether a police officer was serving or retired, or the circumstances of their death, our obligation is to those left behind - our Police Legatees.